Be Proactive in Maintaining an Energy Efficient Home


There are many ways to increase your home's energy efficiency. Some home maintenance projects, such as weatherizing, regular inspections, and small repairs, can quite easily be accomplished on your own, saving you money by not having to hire a professional to do the job. Be proactive when it comes to maintaining your home. Taking a little extra time now can be very beneficial for you later, cutting costs and increasing your home's longevity.


All homes, whether they are brand new or decades old, should be properly weatherized. Weatherizing areas of your home can help to prevent cold drafts from flowing into the house in the winter and heat from pouring in during the summer, potentially saving you a lot of money on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. When sealing leaks around the home to prevent unwanted airflow, make sure that you are still allowing for proper air ventilation.

Weatherstripping around doors and windows is a very effective way to save money and prevent air leakage. In addition to doors and windows, sweep the rest of your house as well, checking for air leaks in or around electrical outlets, cables, electrical and gas service entrances, and anywhere else that air could be seeping into or out of the home. Also look closely at larger structures such as the chimney, roof, air vents, and between the siding and walls. Several types of weatherstripping are available for purchase at your local hardware store. Some options include door sweeps, V strips, felt, foam tape, tubular rubber, vinyl, silicone seals, and different types of caulking. Do some research to determine what type of insulator will best suit your needs.


Pay Attention to the Details

Don’t overlook smaller maintenance needs. Small problems can quickly turn into large, expensive ones. Performing minor maintenance tasks, such as weatherizing doors and windows and insulating wiring and piping, can extend the life of your home and prevent larger problems from occurring down the road. Other details to watch include fuses and appliance wiring. Many homeowners are able to replace frayed appliance wiring themselves, but refer bigger electrical jobs to the professionals to ensure safety. (Always make sure that the power is off while attempting any electrical work.)  Keep gutters and downspouts clear of debris, and make sure to have your roof inspected regularly. Also keep tabs on any exposed insulation in your home so that you are aware if a breach occurs. Save yourself money and heartache by taking these extra steps now so that you can avoid major problems later.


Don’t Compromise Quality to Save Money

Everyone wants to save money whenever they can, but trying to do everything on your own can sometimes be disastrous. Larger projects, such as roofing, plumbing, and installing or upgrading insulation, require professional knowledge and expertise. If you are a DIY kind of person, be sure that you are qualified and knowledgeable about the project you are about to take on; if you are not, then leave it to the professionals. By undertaking a project you aren’t qualified to complete, you could cause damage to your home, bypass safety regulations, and potentially cost yourself much more money by having to repair what you just “fixed.”  You can avoid this unfortunate and frustrating situation by calling a contractor, plumber, or electrician to do the job right the first time.


Calling in the Pros

Assure that when you do need to call in the pros, whether it be a plumber, electrician, or roofing contractor, you do your research beforehand so you know you are hiring an expert in the field. Look into certifications, customer service standards, and warranties before making a decision. Looking online at a business's website can often tell you a great deal about their standards, reputation, knowledge, and level of professionalism.


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