Do You Need Emergency Roofing Repair?

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Roofing repairs are often pushed to the back burner of our to-do lists, while in reality, waiting too long to deal with certain problems could end up causing your home damage beyond repair. If you have a roofing issue in need of attention, don’t delay! It could easily lead to damaged insulation, mold, rot, fire, and a number of other serious problems.


Putting off an emergency roofing repair could lead to many different types of damage: 

Structure: Water that seeps through the roof can leak into the home, either straight onto the floor or running down the sides of the walls. This causes deterioration and crumbling. It can also lead to wood rotting out, making the roof sag and walls and floors bulge. Continued neglect could result in the roof caving in, harming anything (or anyone) in its path. Water can also cause damage to the foundation of the home, making it weak and spongy. These problems most often happen as the result of large-scale damage, but they can also be the result of small-scale damage that slowly builds up over weeks, months, or even years.

Insulation: When your roof leaks, water will typically get into your insulation, causing it to become clumpy and wet, losing its effectiveness. When this happens, air can seep through your attic, and the energy efficiency of your home can plummet. You’ll lose coolness in the summer and heat in the winter, while your monthly utility bills drain your pockets.

Fire Hazard: If the water that is getting in through your roof comes into contact with any type of electrical fixture, it could cause fire or electrical shock. Especially if there is a break in the wiring or an open circuit that touches water, the result could be deadly. Be sure that if you do find a leak, you immediately turn off all power to the surrounding area and call in a professional electrician to deal with it. You don’t want to risk your life or the lives of those around you.

Mold: Stagnant water in a home is always an easy breeding ground for mold. All that is required for mold to grow and thrive is water and some organic material (such as wood or carpet). Mold can begin to spread throughout your house within 24-48 hours after moisture accumulation. If not dealt with, it can get into your HVAC system and come up through your vents and into your living quarters. It can attach to furniture and carpets and lead to allergic reactions or more serious health conditions. Mold is very hard to get rid of, and the process can be extremely costly. 


Common Reasons for Roof Leaks

Sometimes, a leak in your roof can be difficult to detect, but by the time you are aware of any serious damage, it could be too late. Roof leaks have many causes, including improper roofing installation, bad weather, failure to obtain proper maintenance or repair, or just old age. Your roof won’t last forever, and it may be time for a replacement.

While roofing repair and maintenance is tempting to put off to a later date, the results of that decision can be detrimental to your home and your health. Be sure to contact Hedrick Construction for any emergency roofing needs or repairs in Ankeny and the surrounding area.


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