Roofing Maintenance Check-Up: 5 Common Problem Areas


Having a bad roof can lead to a lot of problems in and around your home, including (but not limited to) water dripping from the ceiling. You could also end up with water inside the walls near the electrical outlets, or you could find yourself with foundation damage from a roof line that lets water run off in places where it shouldn't collect. Fortunately, with some regular roofing maintenance check-ups you can get problem areas of your roof fixed before they lead to serious damage. Here are the five most common problem areas you should keep an eye on to prevent water infiltration, ice dams, and other serious roof issues.

1. Flashing

Roofers use flashing to seal up valleys, edges, and other types of seams. If there isn't any flashing used, or if it's old or damaged, water can seep into your home at these seams. In some cases flashing does come loose over time, but most flashing problems come from deterioration caused by age and adverse weather conditions. Worn-out areas can usually be repaired or replaced using pre-formed flashing or cut-to-fit flashing; it's usually attached with roofing cement to ensure a good seal.

2. Shingles

When most people think of their roof, shingles are what comes to mind. While good shingles can protect a home's roof for years, eventually weather and age do start to affect how well shingles protect your home. They may start to curl up, or there could be discoloration from water. You may also see corners or pieces of shingles that are missing or nails that are sticking up or coming out. This kind of deterioration can let water in and should be corrected to keep your home watertight. Some roofs can be repaired while others will have to be replaced; it will depend on the condition of the shingles overall.

3. Soffit

The soffit is the surface underneath your roof's overhang. It is often vented and is composed of panels with tiny holes in them. This allows air flow into and out of the attic, keeping moisture from building up and causing wood rot, mold, and other problems. Most soffits are made from vinyl. When looking for problems, focus on cracks, holes, and other forms of damage, along with any place where the soffit may be missing or broken. That can mean water and insects could enter your home; repairs to that area can help avoid further risk.

4. Fascia

The trim that goes around your roof's edge and gives it that thicker, finished look is the fascia. Sheet metal and wood are common materials for this decorative and highly functional piece. Its main purpose is to keep water out, reducing the chance of damage from wind-driven rain and other ways water could make its way into your home. If the fascia is made of wood, it can become rotted and damaged if it doesn't have a good coat of paint or isn't otherwise sealed well. If you see damage like that, it's important to get it corrected before it has a chance to spread and cause further problems.

5. Gutters

Not every homeowner thinks of gutters as part of the roof, but they really do play an important role in overall roof health. They take the runoff from the roof and make sure all that water doesn't pool up against your home's foundation. By making sure your gutters stay clean and in good shape, you ensure that water will move through them and not back up where it can cause leaks and drips (along with the potential for rust). Once gutters become too badly damaged, it becomes impossible to repair them. Repairing or replacing them when they need it can protect not only the roof edge and fascia but your home's foundation as well.

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