Ways to Keep Your House Cool Other Than Air Conditioning

sunny midwestern day.jpgAs fall rolls in, you can start using the naturally cooler weather to make your home comfortable without turning on the AC. With a few simple adjustments, you could keep your home cool and fresh at any hour without air conditioning.


Ceiling and Table Fans

To cool down a room, your ceiling fan should turn counter-clockwise at the fastest setting. If you’re enjoying a room with a fan, close the doors to any nearby rooms so the cool air doesn’t drift away. For table fans, you can place a bowl of ice in front of the airstream so cool vapor spreads throughout the room. This trick will turn your fan into a cooling humidifier that can freshen up any room!


Windows and Curtains

Start opening your windows throughout the day and especially in the evening to let the cool air inside. For safety, make sure you close and lock your windows when you leave your home. Consider also locking the windows on your main level at night so no one can enter that way while you're asleep.

You can also get darker curtains to block out warming sunlight. If you’re leaving a door open for circulation, use a doorstop to prevent the door from opening and slamming shut during sudden drafts.


Bathroom Fans and Windows

When you take a shower or bath, make sure to turn on the bathroom’s fan or open some windows to let out any steam. You can even turn on the fan periodically throughout the day to draw warm air up and out of the room. If you wish to inspect your fan or have a new one installed, call a local Des Moines roofer for help. It's important that your vents send air outdoors and not into your attic or another part of your home.


Enjoy Your Grill

If you have a babecue grill, enjoy it as often as possible. It will save you from turning on your oven inside, which can make the kitchen much hotter. As long as you close any nearby windows when grilling, all of the heat will stay outside. If you do use your oven or stove, turn on the exhaust fan to keep hot air from spreading inside your home.


Vent Hot Air Outside

As we mentioned above, it's important to make sure that hot air is being vented outside and not into your attic or elsewhere in your home. If you’re unsure about where heat is being ventilated, ask a professional to perform an inspection. You may be able to make your house cooler and more energy efficient simply by redirecting warm air.


Keep Your Body Cool

While circulating cool air is important, it’s also important that you keep your body cool to avoid overheating. Use light bedding like cotton, which breathes better than linen. Add extra ice to your water to lower your body temperature, and apply cool water or a cool, wet towel to your wrists or neck for an energizing boost. By keeping your body cool, you’ll feel more comfortable without turning on the air conditioning.


Keep Your Home Up to Date

If your home is not energy efficient or you find that you need updated windows or a new ventilation system, call a professional contractor to get the job done right.


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