Our local community has been devastated by the derecho storm that blew through Iowa. At this time, we are currently dedicating all of our resources to our local recovery. We are booked with emergency repairs and restoration and may not be able to service all requests at this time. If you are in need of a full roof replacement, please contact us after you have received your assessment of damage from you insurance adjuster. We will update our availability as the situation progresses. Thank you for your understanding.


Repair & Emergency Services


If your roof requires immediate attention, call us right away. Leaks, dents, and wind damage may need immediate repair to prevent further damage to your roof and to protect your home or business. In an event of a roofing emergency, call us at (515) 597-ROOF.


Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage for Roof Damage

In most cases, homeowner’s insurance in Iowa protects against accidental roof leaks and associated damages. However, your insurer will need to verify that your roof was in good condition prior to the accident in order to provide coverage. Biannual inspections and maintenance can ensure that your roof remains in good condition over time and provide evidence of this to your insurer.


Ice Dam Prevention

An ice dam is a thick ridge of ice around the eaves of your roof that can damage your gutters and your roof. As it melts, water trapped behind the ice dam can begin to seep into your home. You can prevent damage from ice dams by using appropriate attic insulation and ventilation as well as installing an ice and water barrier under your shingles when your roof is replaced. Have a roofing professional inspect your roof and attic insulation and create a plan to prevent future dam formation.