Creative Ways to Let Stunning, Natural Light into Your Home

natural-light-bright-interior-webA month ago, you excitedly purchased your first home. Since moving into your new place, you’ve discovered a few things you’d like to change. Most notably, you see that you had underestimated amount of natural light that would shine into your house. Instead of sitting in dark, uninviting rooms, you long to feel the warmth and see the beauty of the sunshine. If you can relate to this scenario, consider the following creative ways to let stunning natural light into your home!




Providing more natural light than vertical windows, skylights can help you decrease your home’s energy consumption. As distinctive custom features, skylights can also add to the value and appeal of your home. Sun tunnels and roof windows are popular choices among homeowners.


Sun Tunnels

Sun tunnel skylights can let natural light flood into your home's darkest, most isolated, spaces. This ingenious type of skylight consists of a tunnel that passes from your roof to your ceiling. The appealing ceiling diffuser blends seamlessly into your ceiling while filtering soft, restful light throughout your space. Sun tunnels can be either flexible or rigid. Recommended when installation around impediments in your loft space is necessary, flexible sun tunnels are the easiest kind to install. Rigid sun tunnels are utilized when a straight, unobstructed path from your roof to your ceiling exists.


Roof Windows

As the name suggests, a roof window is merely a window installed in your roof. In addition to providing you with beautiful, natural light, roof windows are stylish visual features for your home. Depending on where you wish to install a roof window, you might need to select a top-hinged or a center-pivot one. Top-hinged roof windows work well in rooms with low ceilings. Due to their modern, contemporary appearance, center-pivot roof windows can add a chic look to any room. However, they’re particularly well suited for rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms.




Like skylights, windows allow natural light to enter your space. Windows also help to define the style of your home. To add character and efficiency while brightening your interior, consider installing new windows to replace your old ones. Here are several beautiful options.


Single or Double Hung

A single hung window contains two sashes in the frame. However, only the bottom part of a single hung window moves; the top part always remains in place. Like single hung windows, double hung windows consist of two sashes, but they can be opened from either the top or the bottom.



A bay window typically consists of three windows that project outward from a wall. These elegant custom features usually have one large window flanked by two smaller ones, either fixed or moveable. Bay windows are especially popular in great rooms and bedrooms.



Similar to a bay window, a bow window can contain four or five individual windows. Since they have more glass panes than bay windows, bow windows frequently allow in more natural light. Because you can wrap bow windows around the corner of your home, they can allow you a spectacular view from two sides of your house.



Large, fixed windows are often referred to as picture windows. If you desire a great deal more natural light in your living space, consider installing floor-to-ceiling picture windows in the great room. You might also wish to install a picture window in your kitchen, above the sink. While you wash dishes, you can enjoy the serene outdoor view.


If your home is void of natural light, you might feel the need to flip a light switch every time you enter a room. To warm and light up your space with rays from the sun, consider the aforementioned ideas available from VELUXAlliance Windows Systems, and Ply Gem Windows.

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