Is Your Roof Sealed Properly?


You probably don’t think much about your roof—until it stops doing its job. Fortunately, your roof itself may not be the issue. The way it’s sealed is just as important as the roof itself to keep the elements safely out of your home. Consider the following conditions to assess whether or not your roof is sealed properly.


Ice and Water Barrier

An ice and water barrier is essentially a membrane that protects your home from moisture. Ice and water barriers are typically installed in sheeting under the shingles in your roofing system. If this underlayment of your roof is not properly installed, it can allow water and ice into your home. Likewise, if your roof’s ice and water barrier is damaged, it may no longer be keeping moisture out of your home. Unfortunately, installing a new ice and water barrier isn’t typically a quick fix. Seek out professional help if you think this may be the problem.



Flashing is thin strips of metal installed around your roof at various joints. Flashing can be used under shingles, along edges, and around obtrusions. Over time, flashing may crack or erode, rendering it ineffective. If a section is no longer sealed properly, it may be the cause of a leak. Any area of your roof where there is a gap in the shingles will require flashing, including

  • Chimneys
  • Vents
  • Edges
  • Skylights
  • Solar tubes


Valley Seals

Valley seals are the areas where two different levels of roofing meet. Valleys are where the pitch of the roof is lower and, as its name indicates, forms a valley. They need to be properly closed with flashing and a sealant so their slopes don’t allow moisture into your home.


Vent Booting

Vent booting is another type of flashing used to seal the pipes that come out of your roof. Vent booting is used to keep water out of these ventilation pipes and out of your roofing system. Vents should be completely surrounded by flashing and then covered with an airtight rubber boot. If your vents are not properly sealed, then your roof isn’t properly sealed, either.


Skylight Installation

A roof with an improperly installed skylight will be easy to recognize. If you are continually noticing a leak around your skylight, then chances are it’s the source of your problem. There are three main reasons your skylight may be leaking:

  1. Flashing was not properly installed around the edges of the skylight.
  2. The skylight was improperly measured and fit for your roof.
  3. The insulation around the skylight has decayed, causing a gap in your roof.

Issues with your skylight can usually be fixed with a layer of silicone caulk or with proper installation of flashing.


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