Hedrick Construction Offers Quality Edge Soffit for Your Home


Learn how to properly ventilate your home and save money on energy costs with the Quality Edge soffit collection offered by Hedrick Construction, your local, full-service roofing and siding contractor. There are several advantages to upgrading your old soffit system and replacing it with continuously vented soffit from Quality Edge.


Why should I think about upgrading my old soffit system?

“When you enhance ventilation you enhance everything.” –Quality Edge

Many of the homes in the United States are inadequately ventilated. This is largely due to soffit profiles that do not offer enough net free area* for a home’s ridge vent system. Poor home ventilation can cost you almost $8000 over a 15 year period; if your attic’s moisture level increases by merely 4%, the effectiveness of the R-Value (resistance to heat flow) of your insulation can be reduced by 50%, costing you an extra $6200 over a 15 year period. As you can see, without good ventilation and a high quality soffit system, you could lose a lot of money and energy over time.

*Net free area: The intake and exhaust of air are both measured in NFA. NFA is the ventilation space or amount of unobstructed area where air can pass through a vent.


What does a soffit system do for my home?

As you probably already know, a good roof ventilation system promotes airflow through an attic. Soffit should provide continuous ventilation by drawing in cool, dry air and getting rid of hot, moist air throughout your attic. This can be a natural process, since hot air naturally rises to the top of a house and cool air naturally descends. A natural ventilation system allows the cool air to enter the attic underneath the eaves as the warm air escapes by rising up and out at the ridge. According to Quality Edge, to achieve adequate ventilation, a system requires 50% intake under the eaves and 50% exhaust at or near the peak of the roof. Preferably, though, a system should allow for higher intake than exhaust.

A good soffit system will do a number of great things for your home. It will:

  • Prevent moisture damage (mold, rust, insulation compression, rot)
  • Extend the life of shingles, insulation, roof decking, and drywall
  • Extend the life of your home
  • Ensure energy efficiency and cost effectiveness


What soffit products does Quality Edge offer?

Quality Edge creates some of the highest performing and most aesthetically pleasing soffit available today.

TruVent Soffit: This type of soffit provides an amount of airflow (11 NFA) that can work with most ridge vent systems. It has a clean look that gives off the appearance of real wood. Its thick paint finish resists cracking and chipping.

TruBead Soffit: This soffit provides an airflow of 10.2 NFA. It is a bit fancier than the TruVent soffit, with its patented micro-lance design that adds character and style to the home.

TruLine Soffit: This line includes more profiles, colors, and thicknesses than any other. It maximizes airflow to reduce temperatures in the attic and prolong the life of your roof and building materials. It also improves the air quality in your home and reduces energy costs. It has a high NFA rating of 22.5.

Soffit EnhancersQuality Edge products include soffit enhancers to give the home a more modern look and to make a system work even more efficiently and effectively. These include Corbels, Crown Frieze Board, Colonial Soffit Receivers, Recessed Crown Molding, and more.


If you have questions about any Quality Edge ventilation products, contact Hedrick Construction for more information. We serve Ankeny, Ames and surrounding areas.

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