How Do I Know if Hail Caused Damage to My Roof?

hail on the groundAfter a big storm hits, it can be hard to check your home for damage. It may be scary but checking your roof for hail damage is an important step in preventing further damage to your home. Even a small amount of hail can damage your home’s roof, so it’s important to know what to look for and how to safely look for it.

How to Check Your Roof

It is never recommended to climb fully onto your roof. If you believe your roof may need a more thorough inspection to determine if there is damage, call a professional. Never risk harming yourself. Give the outside of your home a thorough examination from the ground. If you see damage on other parts of your home, such as your air conditioning unit or your gutters, then there will likely be damage to your roof as well.

If further inspection is required, find a secure ladder and examine your roof from there. Be sure the storm has fully passed and that the ladder and roof are dry to ensure your safety. A more thorough inspection can be done by a professional if you spot damage from the ladder.

What to Look For

Hail damage isn’t always visible or obvious. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, look for large amounts of granules in your gutters and missing granules in the shingles across your roof. While it may seem like missing granules isn’t a large problem, it can lead to one. Even the smallest amount of shingle damage can lead to water damage or mold on your roof, so be sure not to dismiss missing granules or other signs of damage.

Take note of any cracks, divots, or bruising you see on your shingles as well. Divots and bruises will be dark and soft to the touch, much like a bruise on an apple.

If you have a metal roof, look for dents across its surface. Metal roofs are tougher and more resistant to hail damage than asphalt, but it’s still wise to perform an inspection if you experience an intense rain or severe hailstorm.

Whether the damage is just cosmetic or larger functional damage, it’s recommended to have a professional examine it. If it seems as if a roof replacement or repair will be necessary, local roofing companies will often do free estimates to help you to consider costs as well as damage that you may have. If it is determined that your roof has sustained hail damage, one of your first steps should be to file a hail damage claim. This will assist you in deciding how to best correct the damage.

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