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Why Your Roof Needs Attention in the Summer Months



After a long, cold winter, it can be a relief to finally feel the heat of the sun. However, your roof might not feel the same way. While winters are notoriously hard on a roof, the combination of sun and storms that come with summer can also take a heavy toll. To prevent roof damage from cutting into your summer vacation fund, watch out for signs that your roof is suffering the kinds of damage that are common in the summer months.


Deformed Roofing Materials

The summer sun exposure can cause serious damage to your roof. There’s no avoiding the sun or the heat that comes with it, but watching for sun and heat damage will allow you to repair or replace damaged materials before more serious problems develop. If your roof has any area that is warped, faded, chipped, or otherwise abnormal, have your local roofing professional inspect the roof and repair or replace it as appropriate.  


Missing or Damaged Shingles

Summer storms can bring strong winds, hail, and heavy downpours. After the storm is over, look for any damage to shingles, such as breakage, curling, lifting, broken seals, or missing granules. Getting these issues repaired as soon as possible will ensure your roof is ready to protect your home through the next storm. If you delay, your home may be left vulnerable to water damage.

If your roof begins leaking during a storm, try to find the source of the leak and do what you can to prevent further water damage. Do not, however, climb on your roof during a storm. Even after the storm has passed, the wet roof will be slippery, and any water damage can weaken its structure. After you’ve taken temporary measures to protect your home during the storm, call your trusted local roofer to schedule a repair estimate.

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An Ounce of Prevention

The havoc that summer storms wreak often result in leaks and potentially costly water damage. By being alert to roof damage during the summer, you can help to prevent leaks. You can also protect your roof by taking a few simple steps:

  • Keeping trees safely pruned

  • Removing debris from your yard

  • Keeping gutters clear


By giving your roof some attention now, you prevent problems in the future. Caring for your roof maximizes its life and the investment you’ve put into it. If you notice any signs of damage or just need an expert opinion on your Ames or Des Moines-area roof, contact Hedrick Construction.

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